Professional Publication/Accessibility

Don't make the Blind Kid Play Dodgeball

Dale Monobe, Ph.D. and I originally presented this at an academic library conference.   We suggested ways to modify active learning exercises to be more accessible to all students. Yes, the title is based on my personal experience.




Code for America as and Instructional Resource for Teaching User Centered Design and Accessibility

Written with Lisa Jo Elliott, Ph.D.


Evaluation of training of software developers on the social justice model of accessibility

Pre-publication copy.  This paper discusses the effectiveness of training software developers on the social justice model of accessibility.

CWUAAT-Brunk-draft2 AGN


Reports for Industry/Accessibility

Accessibility for Code for Kansas City

This is report I produced for Code for Kansas City to suggest ways they could improve the accessibility of the projects and encourage participation by people with disabilities.



Accessibility Audit of the Kansas City, Missouri Local Government Website

This report highlights one of the often overlooked issues that can make or break accessibility.  In this case, the information architecture of the website, while problematic for all users, was especially misery making for people with disabilities.


Baking Accessibility in from the Beginning

I presented information to my fellow students about creating content that is designed with accessibility in mind.

Baking ADA compliance into UX from the beginning